Opinion Writing Fashion Extravaganza

What’s the best way to motivate our class to write an opinion essay?  How about host a fashion extravaganza where students create and showcase the wackiest school uniforms PSE has ever seen?  Our class compared/contrasted the traditional uniform vs. a unique and wacky uniform and the results were unbelievable!  Students actively participated in this lesson by taking on the following roles:

  • a) Script Writer (writes the script using theatre objectives) ) and also writes the who, what, when, where, and why of their “wacky” outfit to be read after audience gives their opinion
  • b) Emcee (reads the script)
  • c) Artist (completes sketch of costume in visual arts journal)
  • d) Model (showcases the outfit during event)

I can’t wait to see the opinion essays and read the views of each student!  This was an engaging example of arts integration where we “showcased” reading, writing, art, and theatre skills.  Way to go kids!20150910_132526 20150910_132730 20150910_132847 20150910_133032 20150910_133147

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