Monthly Archives: December 2016

Mission: Possible – Holiday Edition

These students were divided into three teams and were given the following holiday mission- to design a store to include three departments and delegate buyers, advertising specialists, pricing experts, and a general manager to oversee the project.  When completed, we invited Mrs. Cooper’s class to browse the store for some bargains and do some holiday shopping! Mission complete! img_0511 img_0512 img_0513 img_0516 img_0517 img_0518 img_0519

Introducing… Incredible Inventors

From jello flavored lip balm to sunglasses that can teleport a person to another country, these kids had some amazing invention ideas! Students sketched and designed an invention with a prototype and logo then “pitched” their ideas to some of the toughest sharks around! Lots of deals were made during this spectacular learning event!

img_0321 img_0353 img_0365 img_0371 img_0374 img_0436 img_0439

Welcome to The Clotfelter Candy Factory

Welcome to the The Clotfelter Candy Factory, where our specialty is making candy cars based on Henry Ford’s invention of the assembly line! These kids applied for jobs at the Candy Factory then began working on assembling 24 cars in less than 15 minutes.  They learned the importance of specialization and teamwork! Some cars didn’t pass inspection and were sent back!  The end result was 24 completed cars that were ready to be eaten!img_0232-copy img_0249 img_0248 img_0254-copy img_0255 img_0256-copy img_0250