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Dancing down the Cattle Trails

Howdy partner!  Grab your lasso and let’s get those cattle down the trails!  All cowboys know that herding thousands of cattle calls for a little celebration, so how about a dance down the cattle trails? After learning about the abundance of cattle in Texas after the Civil War ended, these 5th graders went through  “Cowboy Training.”  Each had the challenge of learning the job qualifications of cowboys then applied math skills to figure a salary and  the value of the cowboy’s cattle.

Each student dealt with some very challenging (but very engaging) tasks:

1) Students had to “learn the ropes” – What does it take to be a cowboy? What are the job qualifications?

2) Students had to apply math skills to figure a cowboy’s salary.

3) Students had to apply math skills to determine the value of their cattle.

4) Students used map skills to label the trails . . .

When training ended, these cowboys and cowgirls celebrated by performing their version of the Virginia Reel!  We had a “hog-killin’ good time!”


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