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When Fairy Tales Collide!

What happens when 3rd and 5th grade classes come together and use two different fairy tales to write a story?  Today we had a “collision” of fairy tales and we’re working hard to piece them back together to create our own versions of “fractured” fairy tales.  Here’s what happened:

  1. We received a top secret package that included 11 envelopes (each with a different fairy tale)
  2. Students enjoyed a book tasting where they looked at various fairy tales then selected one to combine with the top secret fairy tale  they’d been given

Can’t wait to see the creative stories that ensue when fairy tales collide!

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Reading Between The Lines

What happens when you combine 25 non-fiction articles from and zebra cakes?  You get to “Read between the lines” of course!

Students had a book tasting where they sampled 25 various non-fiction articles then selected their top 3 choices to use during our guided reading groups.  The result was pure success because every student was excited about reading!  Now that’s a Win-Win for this teacher!




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