Monthly Archives: January 2016

Welcome to the Dialogue Cafe!

Last week we  were faced with the challenge of using quotations correctly while writing dialogue. We quickly found a solution to this problem which involves a class favorite- FOOD!  We opened our first ever “Dialogue Cafe” and invited Mrs. Cooper’s class to join us!  Our class created four recipes:  The HPO (hummus, pretzel stick, and olive), SNORES (smores without the chocolate), The SSJ (strawberry jello, swedish fish), and The PJK (pickle, grape jelly, ketchup sandwich).  Mrs. Cooper’s class came as “food critics” prepared to taste our food and give their opinions, while our class wrote the dialogue spoken about each recipe.  The “Dialogue Cafe” was a success and so was our lesson!IMG_7461IMG_7455 IMG_7452 IMG_7450 IMG_7454 IMG_7449 IMG_7448 IMG_7445 IMG_7442 IMG_7440 IMG_7439 IMG_7453 IMG_7437 IMG_7432 IMG_7456 IMG_7434