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Holiday Party- 5th Grade Style!

The day was filled with special guests and special treats!  The morning began with Mrs. Daves dropping by to help us make delicious Christmas trees made from ice cream cones, followed by Mr. Sterling leading us in a holiday dance session.  The day ended with food and games and LOTS of laughter!


IMG_7159 IMG_7195 IMG_7174                                IMG_7168               IMG_7191 IMG_7189 IMG_7190 IMG_7164 IMG_7163 IMG_7162



Meet the Entrepreneurs!

This week our class presented  invention ideas to a group of “sharks” who were looking for investment opportunities!  Let me say how very impressed we all were with the amount of time our students spent creating amazing inventions!  From a “coin portal” that would allow people to choose any city in the world to visit, to a backpack that automatically adjusts weight, these ideas were INGENIOUS!

IMG_7125 IMG_7126

IMG_7131 IMG_7155

IMG_7156 IMG_7134  

Special thanks to Mrs. Felton, Mrs. White-Trout, Mrs. Daves, and Mrs. Shyman for being some of the best “sharks” we’ve ever seen! Look out ABC Studios!

Mission: Spread the joy at PSE!

As the holidays quickly approach, we decided to conduct our own random acts of holiday kindness and give joy cups (hot cocoa and a peppermint stick) to various staff members and students at PSE.  My favorite part was hearing the stories when the students returned from delivering their gift.  Priceless moments!